"Gold Cures" Premiere/Free Download

imageUnder the Radar Magazine premiered "Gold Cures" today. We couldn’t be more proud to finally be sharing this with you. We’ll be releasing an extended iTunes single next week with two remixes!

If you’d like to cut through all the bullshit, you can stream “Gold Cures” and download it for free on our Sound Cloud.

For those of you who want to nerd out a bit on the H. H. Holmes backstory (every song on “Archfiend” is about or inspired by the story of Holmes) - “Gold Cures” is about a cure for alcoholism called the “Keeley Cure” that was developed by Leslie Keeley in the late 1800s and funded by one of Chicago’s most prominent businessmen (later to be known as the most notorious serial killer in US history) - HH Holmes.

Editor’s note - we’re self releasing “Archfiend” on our new label imprint called Retroversal.


Tonight. Allston. O’Briens. Last Minute Show.

We got a call from our good ol’ boy, Robbie Hughes, to join Fishing the Sky for their "Tomorrow" EP release tonight (Friday, November 16th) in Allston at O’Briens. Super last minute and probably our last show of this year… the year 2012. Don’t fret… so much Eksi Ekso newness planned for next year. It’s about time, right? We agree. Time to get the machine up and properly running again. ARCHFIEND 2013!


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