"I hear fragments of Bowie, Eno and Peter Gabriel, but Eksi Ekso is way more than the sum of their influences. Brown Shark, Red Lion is the most interesting and challenging pop album I’ve heard so far this year.”
-My Old Kentucky Blog 

"…when said power fully clicks together for the group, it’s breathtaking"
-All Music Guide 

"…soundscapes can carve anything from Twin Peaks resonance and disturbance turned tribal drums (“Bellows to Brass Lens”) to funeral marches (“14 to 3″) to a seemingly never-ending cycle of these suspended moods”
-Consequence of Sound 

"complex rock anthems"
-Alternative Press 

"…a more playful Eksi Ekso with vocals taking a more prominent lead."

"Boston three-piece Eksi Ekso explores the surprising depths of interlacing conventional, matured vocals to a backdrop that’s as invigorating and bold as it is unusual and multifaceted."

"How many bands can cut their number in half — and then manage to sound twice as sonically expansive, richly layered, and epically ambitious? Boston’s Eksi Ekso is that rare example of a unit that seems to have grown bigger by reducing in size"
-Boston Globe 

"Haunting and heartbreaking throughout; this album treads some of the same musical ground as The National and Arcade Fire while improving upon it. With masterful production and brilliant compositions, Eksi Ekso demands your attention with an emotional maturity and connectivity that is rarely seen.”
-Exploding in Sound 

"This is not a disposable digital file, as music has often become of late, but an immersive experience, one with some gorgeous and richly textured art-pop songs at that."

"sounds larger and larger with every listen"

"ambitious, thoughtfully arranged and challenging as only the finest pop music can be. Whilst there are echoes of their contemporaries in their approach, they often sound like nobody else at all; here Eksi Ekso have crafted a minor masterpiece that it’s a pleasure to immerse yourself in completely."
-Americana UK 


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